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Introducing 1708 Empire 1708, a company wit a multitude of entertainment services.

1708 Empire studios is a Pittsburgh-based recording studio and record label. They have been in operation for about three years and have been busy producing music and content for local artists in the area. They have three locations in Pittsburgh a studio in Atlanta and one in LA. The owner has a passion for music and giving people a path to success and get away from the pitfalls in life. He also is determined to leave a legacy behind for his family and others. It is important to leave behind a legacy for future generations to follow, like a roadmap. In today’s confusing and conflicted world people often find themselves with no direction or path.

The importance of leaving a legacy allows others to understand that great things can be achieved through passion, determination, and a sense of community. We can’t do everything alone in the world. A legacy also is a beacon for those lost in the chaos of life.

1708 is a great organization that finds the hidden talent in the surrounding communities and can give anyone the starting push they need to propel themselves onto a better path. Along with their studios and label, 1708 also bases a media division that is handling the photos and music video side of things with a podcast in the works.

They are also planning an expansion into creating venues that their artists can showcase their talents. As well there are new studios in the works. South Carolina and Miami are going to be the next locations for new recording studios. 1708 Empire is a rising company that has a mission to build a legacy of creativity and community. Be sure to follow them on social media for any and all updates of their journey because with the passion and family that makes the foundation for them there is no stopping them.

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